[Completed] Fundraising for DJI Matrice 300 with thermal vision

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We are raising money for a Matrice 300 drone with a Zenmuse H20N night camera and batteries.
Daylight hours are getting shorter, so we need a tool to detect targets and adjust fire in the hours of darkness.
The Matrice 300 with the Zenmuse H20N is the best available on the market for night work.
From the first days of the war, it became clear that this war is primarily a war of artillery and MLRS.
Martice 300 is the drone that has proven to be the best of all in the correction of Ukrainian artillery and rocket systems. With a 200X optical + digital zoom during the day and a powerful thermal imager, Martice makes it possible to locate and engage enemy artillery systems, hails, hurricanes, peonies, and even C300s. In favorable weather conditions, the optics make it possible to see targets up to 40 km away during the day.
At night, the thermal imager with 32x zoom and the night mode of the main camera with 128x zoom makes it possible to find enemy observation positions, detect enemy logistics on the front line, tanks, and artillery systems at short and medium distances.
At night, the enemy is most unprepared and vulnerable to artillery and munitions drops from drones.
The enemy’s artillery is used to working with impunity at night, the Zenmuse H20N night camera will allow Ukrainian artillery to correct this misunderstanding).
Timely detection and destruction of enemy artillery systems primarily saves the lives of Ukrainian infantry, whose positions were targeted.
The ability to quickly and effectively crush enemy artillery positions creates conditions for effective offensive actions with low losses.
We can’t buy the m109 Paladin Self-Propelled Artillery System on the Internet, but we can buy a tool that will increase the effectiveness of its fire tenfold and will make it possible to work at night, this tool is the Martice 300 drone.

Who is interested to know more about it:
Martice 300 platform specs: https://www.dji.com/uk/mobile/matrice-300/specs
Zenmuse h20n night camera with 2 thermal imagers specs: https://www.dji.com/uk/mobile/zenmuse-h20n