Reports On Donations

TERRA unit: Matrice 300 from the Army of Drones.…

We are grateful to the Army of Drones project for providing the 3rd Brigade with 3 pcs.
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TERRA unit: Russian tanks are retreating. Destroyed the enemy…

Fundraising for Mavic 3T
16 sec read

TERRA unit: First night flight near Bakhmut

Friends, Matrice 300 with Zenmuse H20N night thermal camera is...
12 sec read

[Completed] Fundraising for UAV Mara 2M

!!!FUNDRAISING FOR UAV (Wing) Marra 2M!!!
10 sec read

Fundraising completed: DJI Matrice 300 with thermal vision

Friends, thanks to everyone who joined...
9 sec read

[Completed] Fundraising for DJI Matrice 300 with thermal vision

We are raising money for a Matrice 300 drone with a Zenmuse H20N night camera and batteries
1 min read

TERRA unit: Fundraising for drone batteries is completed. Thank…

Funds for batteries and a charger for Matrice 300 have been...
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Thanks for the help

We would like to thank our friends - the development team and the company for their donation and trust in us.
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DJI Matrice 30 is received

A new aircraft arrived in the unit! It has not received its name yet, but will receive it after the first combat fly ;)...
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Thanks for the gift

We would like to sincerely thank the owner of the store for his gift to the TERRA unit. Knives were issued to fighters...
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