Fundraising for UAV Mara 2M

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!!!FUNDRAISING FOR UAV (Wing) Marra 2M!!!
!!!GOAL: 17500 USD!!!

MonoBank for UAV Mara 2M: Or: 5375411204612670
PrivatBank: 4149 6090 0780 8514 (receiver: Darya Pletin)
PrivatBank IBAN: UA203052990000026204905027255

USDT (TRC20): TQTK6jUB7RjzGrFZpdijsd2Whwu1P4mWxw
Bitcoin (Bitcoin): 1CgXG8nYBCbop3W8abPk9k9f6c8ibeTNF2
Ethereum (ERC20): 0xeb606fa8839eae02ca309949cf1e77227cbb9023

!!!Patreon NEW!!!:

What is Marra 2:
Marra 2 is a Ukrainian-made unmanned aircraft that allows you to scout targets at a distance of up to 30 km (18.6 mi).
Marra 2 is an element in the system of finding and hitting targets that TERRA lacks to complete an independent unit of reconnaissance, post-reconnaissance, the hit of targets, and post-reconnaissance hits.

Why do we need it:
Marra 2 is needed for the initial reconnaissance of targets for their further destruction.
It has significant advantages over a quadcopter in primary reconnaissance, the flight range allows looking behind forests, houses, and shelters, where in most cases the enemy hides equipment, artillery, and military depots.
Fire correction tools namely Matrice 300 with separate day and the best night camera we already have with your help!

Why Marra 2:
After studying the experience of the adjacent units, the Terra unit came to the conclusion that the Marra 2 is the optimal unmanned aircraft in terms of price/combat capabilities.
The price is moderate in contrast to FlyEye for 450000 USD or even Ukrainian Furia for 100000 USD., and the capabilities will fully satisfy the needs of reconnaissance.
This is important because the initial reconnaissance at medium distances involves a high risk of losing the equipment, therefore, for continuous work, it is necessary that obtaining the next bird is quick and not too expensive.