TERRA unit and the 28th brigade hit the tanks of the occupiers

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Another working day. In hostile positions, tanks are noticed. We’re adjusting the fire of the artillery of the 28th brigade.

The work was successful – hit the concrete slab that had covered the tank. The tank was covered with concrete debris. Unfortunately, we could not carry out the final intelligence, because immediately after the hit the enemy began to work with their artillery in our positions. As a result of the hit, the occupier was forced to drive the engineering equipment at night to replace the slabs destroyed above the tank to unlock it.

P.S. We are raising money for a Matrice 300 drone with a Zenmuse H20N night camera and batteries.
Daylight hours are getting shorter, so we need a tool to detect targets and adjust fire in the hours of darkness.
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Also, we are raising funds for 2 pickups, so we can quickly and safely get to positions and evacuate from them.
Glory to Ukraine!