TERRA unit. Let’s take the tanks to dinner! What does stew taste like under fire?

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Kherson direction. We continue our daily work to win Ukrainian land over the Russian invader. The tanks’ and self-propelled artillery’s fire was adjusted in hostile positions. They were struck a little. We are actively preparing for the future takeover of these positions by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A counterattack was received from the enemy by the cannon artillery to our positions. We waited quietly, no one was injured.

We believe that the daily work of all units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will inevitably lead to the victory of Ukraine.

P.S. We are raising money for a Matrice 300 drone with a Zenmuse H20N night camera and batteries.
Daylight hours are getting shorter, so we need a tool to detect targets and adjust fire in the hours of darkness.
Click here for details on this fundraising.

Also, we are raising funds for 2 pickups, so we can quickly and safely get to positions and evacuate from them.
Glory to Ukraine!