TERRA Unit: Work under enemy fire. Shoot at BMD

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A new day began. The TERRA unit is again at the front. The enemy BMD was found in a forestation line. They thought it was greatly hidden. But, from the air, it is visible in full view.

The work was started. The occupier opened the artillery fire to suppress the TERRA team, but the boys were indifferent – they worked under the fire as if there is almost none of it. As a result of the work, the aggressor’s equipment was damaged.

All the money for DJI Matrice 30 is raised. Thank you very much who joined. This equipment is really the thing that helps to save the lives of fighters and take away the life of the enemy.

We try to repair those cars that we already have, but unfortunately in the 6 months of service (especially the last 4 – in the territory of Kherson region), the cars are very “tired”. The parts break. We replace them, but in fact, there is no car now we can rely on. So we start new fundraising:

We want to buy 2 pickups in a more or less normal state: one main, and the second one for evacuation. They are needed because we need to be sure of cars. The fighters are taken out of the shelling and brought to positions by cars. Therefore, if there is a chance that a car breaks, it gets a real risk to people’s lives.

Glory to Ukraine!