TERRA unit: Andriivka, Bakhmut direction. FPV kamikaze and bomb…

The 570th day of the war. Fighting continues on the eastern flank of Bakhmut.
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TERRA unit: We burnt a russian T80 tank in…

TERRA unit of the 3rd Brigade is fighting against the occupiers in the Bakhmut direction.
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TERRA unit: Bakhmut direction. Dropping bombs from drones on…

We continue our daily hard work to destroy the enemy.
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TERRA unit: The flank of Bakhmut. Infantry battle in…

Fighting continues in the Bakhmut sector.
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TERRA unit: Preparing for offensive actions. Bakhmut direction.

Recovering and preparing for offensive actions. P.S. A new combat video will be up soon, where we destroy a lot of katsaps.
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TERRA: Urgent fundraising for FPV drones near Bakhmut

TERRA starts fundraising for 100 FPV kamikaze drones to be used in the Bakhmut direction.
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TERRA: The Ukrainian Armed Forces are conducting offensive operations.…

The first assault battalion of the 3rd Brigade is conducting offensive operations on the Bakhmut flank.
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TERRA unit: Dropping VOGs on enemy infantry and ammunition.…

We found a new depot, it was not there the day before, although we hit it not at the first time, but the warehouse...
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TERRA unit: A depot with ammunition was burned down.…

We continue to work in the Bakhmut direction.
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