Destruction of enemy BMD under a concrete slab

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In the area of ​​responsibility of the TERRA unit, the enemies suffer losses. Our intelligence, using modern technology (drones, satellites, radars), constantly finds them, and the gunners destroy them.
Carrying heavy losses, the Russians, trying to escape from Ukrainian weapons, cover their caponiers with concrete slabs, by the way, stolen on Ukrainian territory. But as this video shows, it doesn’t help them much. Joint work of the TERRA unit and the 28th separate mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign was found hidden in the capon of the BMD.
The Russians thought that the slab would be enough, but the reality was different. Thanks to the skillful work of the artillerymen of the 28th Brigade and the adjustment of the TERRA unit, the enemy equipment was destroyed.
The Russians have nowhere to hide on Ukrainian land.

Glory to Ukraine!